Surprised, but totally satisfied with his performance

His hands grasped me and pulled me against his erection

It had been a helluva week. Starting a new job is always really stressful but given my approach to life “grab it with both hands”, the fact that I’d just moved to the area to escape the clutches of my previous annoyingly disinterested boyfriend I felt I needed to get my shit together at the weekend. I had plenty of unpacking to do, the garden was a mess as the previous tenants had ignored it and frankly I just needed some me time.

The job was good, they seemed like a nice bunch of people, a good mix of ages, and the boss was really friendly and understand my predicament, so when I opted out of the Friday night get together they all seemed totally supportive.

“See you Monday”, my boss, Steve, called out as I was leaving the office. I waved goodbye and headed home. I chucked a TV dinner in the microwave and slumped in front of the TV with my feet up. It got to about 10pm and I still felt a bit wired so I thought, to hell with it, a bath is what I need. There was plenty of instant hot water so I ran a really big, deep, hot bath. I pulled my dress over my head and dropped it beside the bed, unclipping my bra felt amazing as my breasts swung free, I’m a 36 D, so the feeling of release is always wonderful. I slipped my knickers down and trotted into the bathroom, lit a couple of candles, killed the main lights and climbed into the luxuriating water.

A long sigh escaped my lips as I lay back and let the water work its magic on me. It wasn’t long before I let my fingers start to roam. First over my breasts, tweaking my nipples and then sliding down across my stomach. The sensation of them as they slid between my thighs made me arch my back in anticipation. I pressed a finger on my slit and gently pushed it inside. I moaned gently as my lips were pushed apart, the warmth of the water adding to the sensation.

Suddenly I heard a noise. A loud knocking, and then a man’s voice.

“Hello? Anyone home?” I recognised the voice, it was Steve my boss.

“Hang on”, I shouted, my voice rather higher pitched than normal thanks to the surprise, “I’m in the bath, give me 5 minutes and I’ll be with you”.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m really sorry, I should’ve called ahead”, Steve sounded really embarrassed.

“It’s ok, just take a seat, there’s some beers in the fridge, help yourself”. I clambered out of the bath, my fanny still tingling and grabbed my big fluffy dressing gown off the back of the bathroom door and wrapped it tightly around me. I did a quick check in the mirror and happy enough with what I saw I padded into the lounge to find Steve siting on one end of the sofa with a beer in his hand.

“I’m really sorry”, he said, “the evening broke up earlier than expected so I thought I’d take the opportunity to check in to see that you were ok, I know it’s been a tough week”.

“Yes it has”, I got myself a beer from the fridge, sat down on the other end of the sofa and curled my legs up underneath me. “Thanks for checking in on me, I appreciate that, but you didn’t have to”.

“It’s not a problem”, Steve’s speech was slow, and measured, his broad smile showed his perfectly white teeth, and made his laughter lines very pronounced. He was a handsome man, definitely. “I like to think of us a one big family that works hard and plays hard. Life’s too short,” his voice cracked slightly as if there was something that had brought him to that realisation, “you need to make the most of it!”

His gaze was fixed on my face but I could see he was having trouble stopping it from dropping towards the neckline of my dressing gown. I knew already that he wasn’t married, the girls in the office had made that clear! I checked that the dressing gown was demurely closed, it was. A thousand thoughts were running round my head, why had he dropped in, what was the real reason, why hadn’t I got properly dressed? And why did I feel hotter than I would normally?

I decided to take a risk. I stretched over to put my beer on a table allowing the dressing gown to open slightly, revealing a glimpse of my still firm and pert breasts, just a hint you understand. Steve couldn’t stop himself. His eyes went straight to my cleavage and I saw him lick his lips. I saw that he had finished his beer.

“Would you like another?” I inquired, letting my eyes linger on his crotch where he was holding the empty bottle.

“Er, yes, if that’s ok” He coughed.

“Of course,” I got up from the sofa, making sure he got a good view down the front of the dressing gown and brushed past him and opened the fridge door to retrieve another bottle. But I didn’t get the chance. Suddenly I felt him behind me, his strong arms enveloped me, spun me round and he kissed me. It was a long slow, deep kiss that sent tingles through my body. I reached up and clasped my hands behind his neck and pulled him tight to me. We kissed again, even more passionately this time.

“I’ve been looking at you all week, it’s been driving me mad”, Steve’s breathing was fast. His hands untied the dressing gown and then he slowly teased it off my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. He stepped back and ran his hands down my sides and grasped my arse and pulled me back towards him. “Godammit you’re such a sexy bitch!”

I smiled at him, and then pressed on his shoulders so he dropped to his knees, “prove it to me” I demanded, “show me you want me, get naked now.” Steve ripped his shirt off and threw it to the side, his hands went to his belt buckle but I stopped him. “Later”, I said, “my turn first”.

His hands grabbed my nipples giving me a sudden surge of painful pleasure, I gasped, and then as he showered my stomach with kisses I moaned and pushed his head down until he was where I wanted him, where I needed him. His tongue invaded me gently, pushing my already swollen lips apart and reaching as deep inside me as he could get. His nose was pushed flat against my clit, I could feel it creating pressure on those sensitive nerve endings. His hands reached around and grabbed the cheeks of my ass, wedging me against his face. It was intense, and then one of his hands slipped between my legs and entered my fanny from the rear. My legs began to buckle as his tongue started to slide up and down my slit, his teeth gently nipping the hood of my clit, my hips started jerking and quite suddenly my orgasm overwhelmed me, I could feel my juices gushing out, Steve lapped them up as fast as he could. I had to rest my weight on his shoulders to stop from falling to the floor.

“Dear god, that was amazing”, I gasped, my heart rate gradually slowing and my breathing becoming less ragged.

“So”, Steve looked up at me,”how’s that for proof?”

“Well, not bad….for starters.” I pulled him up and gave him a long sloppy kiss, i could taste myself on him lips and face, it was hot!

I reached for his belt and undid the buckle, slid the zip down and pulled them down to his hips. Without breaking eye contact I reached inside his briefs and release his turgid cock. It was very thick, and #I could feel the veins standing out on the shaft.

“I think we should retire to somewhere more comfortable” I said. Putting on the sexiest look I could I pointed over his shoulder to my bedroom. Holding onto his cock I led the way, backing across the room and into the bedroom where I sat down on the bed and pulled his close to me. His cock was throbbing in my hand. I leant forward and let my tongue run around the purple head, it was already gleaming with his juices. I opened my mouth and gently took him in, it was a bit of a stretch but I was able to take it all. I could feel his hairy balls resting against my chin, they felt hard to the touch, clearly he was ready.

I pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles and then copied him by grabbing the cheeks of his ass and pulling his closer. I started to bob my head back and forth whilst pulling him to me and then releasing his ass. When I looked up I could see that his eyes were closed and his head tipped back. His hands began to pull my head, I could tell from the moans that he was getting close.

“Fu-uck”, he groaned, “I’m gonna come soon”.

“Yes”, I said quickly before gobbling him up again, “come for me, give it to me now!”

“Oh, my, god!” Steve groaned, I felt his cock swell and twitch and then the first stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed fast, there was plenty more. Each time he rammed his hips forward another stream erupted into my mouth. When he stopped I sucked every last drop off his rapidly softening cock, I didn’t want to waste any of it.

He sat down on the bed beside me and then lay back. I lay back with him. He rolled onto his side and put his arms around me and pulled me tight to him. “You really are one very sexy woman”, his face beaming at me, ”have you got any plans for the weekend?”

“I’ve still got plans for tonight, if you’re up for it.” I looked at Steve and was delighted when he nodded enthusiastically.

“Give me a few minutes to recharge my batteries and well….you’ll see”. Steve grinned conspiratorially, his cock twitched encouragingly as well. “I’ll be honest”, he said, “I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Was I hoping? Definitely, but nothing more than that. I was instantly attracted to you but I didn’t know how you felt.”

“Honestly?” I replied, “I didn’t have any idea that this would or could happen. There’s been so much happening in my life that my head hadn’t even considered it was a possibility, until I saw you desperately trying not to look at my tits.”

Steve laughed, “yeah sorry about that, very blokish I know, but they really are marvellous”. He reached over and stroked my breasts. “Truly marvellous, and such fantastic nipples too.” He bent his head down and took a nipple in his mouth, rolling his tongue around it and feeling it harden.

I laid back and let him pleasure my chest. It felt so wonderfully decadent. He rolled on top of me, the weight of his body felt so good, his skin against mine, the smell of our sex and best of all I could feel his cock getting hard. He shifted his body allowing his cock to nestle between my thighs. He raised himself up on his hands and I opened my legs to allow him to position his now rock hard cock at the entry to my fanny. He pushed himself forward and his cock pushed past my lips and slid into my dripping slit. I felt his balls slap against me and I shifted so I could wrap my legs around his hips.

He was filling me, stretching me wide, and the friction of his thick, veiny cock was sending shivers up and down my spine. We were moving together in a perfect rhythm. My hands were clamped onto his shoulders, my nails digging into his flesh. I could feel my body building up to something special. My breath was coming faster, I was urging him on.

“Faster, fuck me harder Steve, give it to me. Oh my god you feel so good. You’re so deep, yes, that’s it. Don’t stop.”

Steve was grunting with the effort, I could feel the sweat on his back. I kissed him urgently. “I’m close Steve, I’m going to come, I can feel it.”

“Me too”, Steve gasped, “come with me, tell me when!”

“Oh my god”, the pressure was almost unbearable. “Here it comes, now, aah my god!” My fanny muscles clamped tight on Steve’s cock and I started to shake, I felt his cock swell and he gasped. I felt the first of many spurts of cum pulsing from his cock. The orgasm continued to surge through my limbs. The physical and emotional release was so overwhelming that I started crying.

“Are you ok, is everything alright”, Steve was clearly concerned.

“No, everything is just wonderful”, I sobbed, “It’s unbelievable, I’m so happy, thank you Steve”.

“No, thank you”, Steve cupped my face and kissed me gently. “I’m so happy too!”




I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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Andy Word

Andy Word

I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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