Chloe’s super swinging Sunday send off

It didn’t take them long to decide, and after a brief whispered conversation Anna said, “You know that Eric has the hots for you, Chloe. He’s desperate for the two of you to make out. Me, I want to feel Richard’s cock inside me again, and I want to make Marie-Claire cum at the same time.” Eric was grinning like a naughty school kid again, and I could see his cock twitching as he savoured the idea. Of course we all agreed. I had enjoyed feeling his cock fill my pussy, in the hot tub, and wondered what it would be like to feel it exploding inside me.

Given the likelihood of sunburn on our exposed bits and the potential for getting sand, well, everywhere, we decided to decamp to the cabins. It seemed to take just a few seconds to pack up the picnic and we were on our way. There wasn’t a lot of conversation, but lots of touching, Eric’s arm around my shoulders, the feel of hips against mine. The closer we got to my cabin the wetter my pussy was becoming. We agreed to meet back up in Richard and Marie-Claire’s cabin, after…

I opened the French doors and threw back the curtains. The bed was there in front of us. Eric stood in front me, he was already semi-erect. Gone was the boyish smile, it was replaced by a look of pure lust. His breathing was deep, I ran my fingers through his dense chest hair, pulling at his nipples and causing him to gasp. I moved closer to him and put my arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down to mine. We kissed, his tongue darting in and out my mouth, his teeth gently pulling at my lower lip. I could feel his powerful cock rising up, and pressing against my tummy. It felt hard, it felt big. I wanted it.

Eric pushed me back onto the bed, he pulled me so my hips were on the edge, and my feet on the floor. He pushed my legs apart and knelt between them. He ran his tongue down my body, licking and chewing on my nipples until they were rock hard, and quite tender. His fingers found my sopping pussy and two slid inside so easily he added a third. His tongue found my clit and the combination of both made me cum, a short sharp jolt that made my hips buck up towards him. “Please, Eric” I whispered” “I want to feel you inside me.”

He rolled me over so my ass was sticking up in the air and pulled my hips back towards him. I felt the head of his cock twitching against my pussy, “Now”, I said. Gradually he pushed forward and I felt his cock spreading my pussy lips and forcing its way inside. It was amazing, if anything it felt even bigger than before. And then I felt his balls bounce against me. He slowly withdrew his cock and then slid it back in again, all the way. I couldn’t help it, I came hard, clamping my pussy muscles against his cock, the tremors rushing through my pelvis. Eric hadn’t finished with me yet though. He pulled me to my feet and put his arms under my armpits and lifted me up. I put my arms around his neck, to support myself, and once again we kissed, hard, passionately, almost desperately. He carried me like this over the wall and using the wall as a support, he slowly lowered my aching pussy onto his beast of a cock. I wrapped my legs around his back to help. Slowly he started to rock his hips back and forth, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against, first the front, and then the back wall of my pussy. This felt different, it was more intense than before. He started breathing deeper, I could tell he was trying to control himself, to stop himself from coming. As far as I was concerned he could come whenever he wanted.

“I want you to come inside me” I whispered in his ear, “ I want it all”. I scratched my nails down his back, scoring red lines in his hard muscles. I felt him respond, his thrusts grew stronger, deeper, and his breathing grew louder. My hands were gripping my ass harder, he was trying not to thrust too fast, I was glad, each slow, deep thrust was making me gasp for breath, I was experiencing what felt like hundreds of electric shocks, tiny ones, concentrated around my pussy. Eric started to groan, it came from deep inside his chest, it built, as his cock seemed to grow even fuller. It wouldn’t be long, I was desperate to feel him flooding my pussy with hit hot juices. And then it happened, his grunt turned into a loud moan, I felt his hips thrust one last time and then, yes, his cock erupted inside my pussy, just like a tap had been turned on. Each thrust from Eric was accompanied by another groan of pleasure, and another spurt of cum, each thrust magnified the electric shocks I was feeling and then I couldn’t hold on any longer. My orgasm swept through me like a raging tide. I felt Eric stagger slightly, and quickly he carried me to the bed where we collapsed, his cock still wedged inside me, his cum juices now covering the tops of my thighs as my pussy struggled to contain it all. He rolled away from me, his cock slowly sliding out of my pussy, covered in our juices. “Fucking amazing” he said between deep breaths, “I knew it would be good, I didn’t think it would be that good!” “Well”, I responded, “You weren’t too shabby yourself, Sir. I can’t remember the last time I came that many times in such a short time, Anna is a very lucky woman.”

Eric smiled “and I’m a very lucky man, to have such a beautiful, sexy woman, who lets me do this.” Then he added “And I’m very, very lucky to have met you, indeed, if you lived any closer it might become a problem!” He threw up his hands. “A nice problem to have, but you’d have to understand that I would never leave Anna for another woman, she’s my world. I’d do anything for her.”

I understood, this had been a fantasy, an itch that needed to be scratched but it would never, ever, change the firm foundations of their relationship. “Let’s go get cleaned up and join the others”, I said over my shoulder as I headed for the shower.

It was as if all the sexual energy between us had been used up. Sure I helped by washing his back for him but that was all, Eric’s cock hung there limp, not a flicker of life in it. “Look as us”, I said, “We’re like a pair of worn out old shoes.” He laughed and gave me a kiss as he towelled himself dry. “Let’s go see how the others are getting on” he said.

“Well hello there, noisy neighbours” said Anna, as we trooped up the steps onto their decking, the three of them were huddled together on the sofa. “You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourselves”. I blushed, and caught her gaze, thankfully there was nothing there except her curiosity showing through — no jealousy at all. I was relieved. Eric was soon back to his boyish self, joking with Richard about something or other, boys stuff no doubt!

Marie-Claire made us all coffee, and brought out a vanilla sponge cake that Richard had baked on Saturday. I didn’t want this moment to end, but it had to. It was just past 4pm when Eric and Anna went into my cabin to get dressed, while Marie-Claire, Richard and I sat in silent contemplation. What a weekend.

Eric emerged, dressed in dark blue polo shirt and stone coloured chinos, Anna in a pale, floral summer dress, she looked amazing. We embraced. Anna gave me such a big hug, Eric too. I was so sad to see them go. We had decided not to make any future plans. If we happened to meet again, fantastic, if not well, we had so many memories of a wonderful weekend. We waved them off, watching their car getting smaller and smaller and finally disappearing. I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks, Marie-Claire spotted it and wrapped me in her arms, “It’s ok”, she said softly, “I felt the same way the first time it happened to us. Look we’ve still got tonight, there’s plenty of food and wine left, let’s not get maudlin, let’s celebrate.”

“Let’s go back to the beach”, said Richard, “The heat’s gone out of the day, it’s the perfect time for a swim.” “Excellent idea, I’m taking my book”, said Marie-Claire. So we headed back to the beach, just the main beach this time. There was plenty of space and we made ourselves a camp and Richard poured us each a glass of wine. “To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” he said, raising his glass to the sun. “Hear, hear” said Marie-Claire. “The pursuit of happiness” I repeated, and drank half of my wine in one gulp.

I lay there, shading my eyes from the still bright sun, going back over the weekend so far, from leaving the library on Friday evening to lying here and after all that fun… I decided a swim really was an excellent idea, both Richard and Marie-Claire were preoccupied (he asleep, she reading) so I wandered down to the water’s edge and let the sea and sand rush over my toes. I really was very lucky to have met this group, they were so welcoming, so much fun, and the sex was fan-bloody-tastic. My mood started to improve and a quick dip, being battered around by the surf, soon had my energy levels recharged.

I wanted to see the sunset, it’s so inspiring, so beautiful, but that wasn’t until after 9pm and it was only 6.30 now. “She’s fidgeting, Richard”, said Marie-Claire. “These young people, they’ve got no patience.” She laughed. “What can we do with her?” Richard rolled over towards Marie-Claire and whispered something in her ear. Her face lit up. “What a brilliant idea” she said. “Right c’mon you two” and she was up and gathering up the picnic blankets while we were still lying on them. “Hold on”, I said, “what’s got into you?” “Oh you’ll see”, Richard smirked, “you’ll see!”

Back at their cabin Marie-Claire could barely stop giggling. “We haven’t done this for ages” she said. “It’s so much fun! Put the music on Richard, I feel like dancing!” After a brief pause I heard some cool jazz coming from their portable hi-fi. The bass really was rather good, I could feel it through the floor. Marie-Claire stood in the middle of the room and began to sway in time to the beat of the music, it was a slow, seductive beat. She beckoned to me to join her, I got up from my chair and walked over to her, she held my hands and moved her body so her hips brushed against me. I started to match her movements and she let go of my hands and soon I felt hers’ on my hips, then on my tummy, then on my breasts, god they were everywhere. While this was going on Richard was leaning against the door frame, his eyes following his wife’s hips and her hands, a smile slowly spreading across his face. He knew what was coming — I didn’t!

The music changed, another equally sexy rhythm filling the cabin. Marie-Claire was really getting into the music, her eyes were closed and her hands were now working their way between her legs. Slowly she slipped two fingers inside her pussy and began to twirl them around, her hips started to grind against me, I sought out her mouth and we kissed, long and slow. I put my hand down to find her clit, her pussy was already very wet, I could feel her juices on my fingers. “I’m nearly ready” she said. Richard left his position by the door and disappeared into the kitchen. He emerged with the bottle of Anjou Rose that I’d brought them on the first evening. “I wondered where that had gone” I said. Richard poured us each a glass, just under half the bottle was left.

Marie-Claire grabbed my hand and took me into the bedroom, I saw that the bed had been covered in towels. “Why?” I wondered. She got onto the bed and lay down on her back and beckoned me to join her. She got me to kneel on her left hand side. Richard then joined us, he knelt on her right side. I could see he was aroused, I reached across and gave his cock a squeeze. He smiled. Marie-Claire’s hands were still buried between her legs. “OK” she said. Richard gently parted her legs, and began to rub her pussy with his fingers, slowly he inserted one, then a second and finally a third. Marie-Claire was moaning, begging him to get on with it. So he did.

He reached behind him and picked up the bottle of wine. He brought it between us, it was over Marie-Claire’s tummy. He tipped it so a small amount split onto her tummy, she flinched, but clearly only in pleasure. Then he lowered the bottle to her pussy and gently inserted it several inches inside her. He tipped the bottle and I could see the wine flowing out of the bottle and into Marie-Claire’s welcoming pussy. He turned and placed the bottle on the floor and then turned back and bent his head down to her pussy, he kissed her lips delicately and then tapped his hand on her thigh. I saw her tummy tighten and a spurt of rose coloured liquid escaped from her pussy and into Richard’s open mouth. “Oh man, that tastes so good. You’ve got to try it Chloe.” He picked up the bottle and repeated the process but this time he beckoned me to get in place. He tapped her tummy, she tightened it and I felt a jet of warm, sweet, salty wine fill my mouth. “Oh my god”, I said. “It’s fantastic”.

We repeated the process a couple of more times before the bottle was empty. I could tell that Richard was extremely turned on by this, his cock was rampant. Marie-Claire was still lying on her back, so I grabbed Richard’s cock and pulled him so he was poised at the entrance to Marie-Claire’s pussy. I held it while he maneuvered himself into the right place and then he began to push it into her. It really was a magnificent sight, her pussy lips stretched wide, and his cock filling her up. He started to thrust back and forth and not wanting to miss out I managed to get under him so I could suck his balls and lick his cock when it came out of her pussy. Then he abruptly stopped pulling out of her pussy, he grabbed me round the waist and rolled me onto the bed, beside Marie-Claire. I was already wet so I grasped his magnificent cock and positioned it ready to come inside me. Richard moved forward and his cock felt amazing as it slid into me, I could feel it stretching me. Marie-Claire’s hand sought out mine and we held hands while Richard thrusted away, inside me for a while, then switching back to her. Marie-Claire started to gasp, “I can feel it” she shouted. “Come, please come”. Richard thrusted harder and then suddenly he called out, “God yes, Jesus Christ!” He came loudly but continued to thrust away, grunting at each push into her, soon Marie-Claire’s eyes rolled back as she climaxed. It was amazing to experience that so close, my hand was still gripped in Marie-Claire’s. Richard pulled out of her pussy. I was amazed to see that he was still hard. He turned to me, “Your turn Chloe” he said.

He slid inside me easily, he’d already stretched me to fit his girth and length. His hips ground against mine, I could feel him pressing down on my pubic bone. It was wonderful. His hands found my nipples and he tweaked one hard. That small thing sent me over the top. I was coming, and coming hard. Even when I’d finished coming, still his massive cock thrust deep inside me, I kept having mini orgasms. Then he pulled out and flipped me onto my front. He grabbed my hips and thrust himself into me again, now faster and more urgently. I felt his cock getting even harder, his groans turned to grunts and then his cock exploded, I could feel spurts of his cum juice hitting my pussy, wave after wave of it. I could feel it seeping out of my pussy, down my legs and onto the bed. He collapsed on top of me quickly moving to support his weight with his arms. “Fuck yeah” said Richard, Marie-Claire gripped my hand even tighter. We were laughing and whooping, that was a hell of an evening.

I totally missed the sunset, who cares! We had exhausted each other, in the best, most wonderful ways. We lay in a huddle and fell asleep on their bed. I slept deeply, and peacefully. In the morning, we hugged and kissed. No promises about meeting up again. Just a lot of happy memories. God the library was going to be boring after this!!

A footnote from Andy…

I bet you enjoy reading these stories, don’t you? Go, on admit it, it turns you on. Now just imagine if that story was just for you, personalised, and only for you, or maybe you and someone special.

Interested in the idea? I bet you are. OK. If you want, I’ll create something — just for you. Just give me a few details, a name or two, what is it that turns you on? Maybe it’s someone or something you fantasise about. Maybe some details about the setting for this “adventure”. Is it something you’d like to get in a series of chapters? Or all in a big, long, sensual, splurge?

Email me, at, and you can receive a totally personalised story.

The cost? Well to start, let’s say a 3 thousand word story will cost you the equivalent of a good meal. But one you can savour, again and again!

So why not escapewithandy, — it’s in your hands now…




I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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Andy Word

Andy Word

I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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