Another man’s touch, second helpings

another man’s touch

Taylor put down his phone. “Room 324, meet me there in 10 minutes.” I nodded, he kissed me briefly and strode off towards the hotel reception, leaving me leaning against a tall oak and wondering what the hell I’d got myself into. Frankly, I was past caring. All I knew was this man made me feel utterly fantastic. From the touch of his lips on mine, to his hands on my hips and, dear god, his cock filling me up. I closed my eyes and took a few deep, slow, breaths to compose myself.

If I’d been a smoker this would have been the perfect time to light one up. It felt like one of those erotic French movies where the lovers smoked and gazed into each others eyes, nothing was said, nothing needed to be said. Dragging myself back into the present I checked that clothes were respectable and casually as I could, given the sensation my stretched pussy was giving me, I strolled back to the hotel. The hotel was a buzz of activity and no-one took any notice of me as I walked through the lobby and pressed the button for the lift.

The doors closed on the lobby and it felt like I was about to enter a new world, a fantasy world where dreams came true. I was desperate to see Taylor, out of his clothes. His body had felt hard and strong, I wanted to explore it and I knew he wanted to do the same to me. I knocked on the door, a pause and then footsteps and the door swung open. It was Taylor, minus his jacket, but still dressed. His arm went around my waist and he drew me into the room.

“I’ve got a bath running”, he pointed to where the sound was coming from. “I thought we could soak in the tub and relax and get to know each other.”

“That sounds perfect”, I was about to rake my jacket off when Taylor stopped me.

“No, let me do that for you.” He stood close to me and slipped the jacket off my shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, I felt his fingers begin to unbutton my blouse. I gazed up into those dazzling blue eyes.

“You’ve done this before.” I sighed as his fingers reached the last button and pulled it open.

“Yes, but not for a long time. He knelt in front of me and kissed my belly, his hands reached up for my breasts and kneaded them through the lace cups for a while before they found the clasp at the back and they were freed. He tweaked my nipples, making them rock hard and hyper-sensitive to his touch. “You have a fantastic body, your husband must be a very stupid man to let you do something like this.”

“I don’t want to talk about him”, I pulled his head towards me, burying it in my skirt. “His loss.”

Taylor found the zip at the back of my skirt and slowly pulled it down, I wiggled my hips and let it slide down my legs, exposing my panties which were wet as a result of our earlier fuck. That didn’t put him off, I could feel his hot breath as his lips pushed against the damp fabric. He used a finger to hook the slender band of material to one side and then his tongue slid along my pussy lips, back and forth, sending tingles through my whole pelvic area. He pulled my panties off, exposing me completely. I didn’t care that I barely knew this man, the pleasure he was giving me was so intense. His tongue found my clit and he started a circular motion, the pressure gradually increasing. It was like slipping into a hot bath, so soothing and yet almost unbearable.

“Oh my god, I’m coming again!” It hit me like a surge of electricity, my hips jerked and my legs buckled. I had to lean on his shoulders to stop from falling over. Taylor ‘s arms held me upright and he looked up at me and smiled.

“Well”, his rich tones washed over me like melted chocolate, “that’s an excellent start. But I know we can do a lot better.” He disappeared briefly and the sound of running water stopped. By the time he returned I had regained my composure now and it was my turn, I wanted to see what he was hiding under those clothes. I hadn’t even had a good look at his cock, it was all too frantic and forbidden out in the trees.

I started to unbutton his shirt, he just looked at me, those blue eyes, ah dear. I pulled his shirt out of his trousers and spread it wide, exposing an expanse of perfectly defined muscles, he really must have worked out a lot to get a six pack and pecs like those. I slid the shirt off his broad shoulders and he pulled his arms out of the sleeves and threw the shirt to one side. I kept looking straight into his eyes as my fingers unbuckled his belt and then undid the button and found the zipper. I slid it down slowly, over the significant bulge that had appeared in his trousers. I pulled them down and he kicked them off. All he had on now were his briefs and his socks. He really did have a stunning physique.

He went to pull his pants off but I raised a finger to stop him. “That’s my job”, I whispered. I knelt down and my face was right in front of his crotch, I could see his erection was bursting to free itself from the cotton briefs that fitted him yet left nothing to the imagination. I rested my hand on the bulge and felt him stiffen and heard him groan. I hooked my fingers into his waist band and everso slowly slid his briefs down over his hips. There was some resistance and then his cock sprang free. It was right in front of me, in all its glory. It was perfect. Straight, thick, long, smooth and hard. Everything a girl could want, and so, so much more than my husband had to offer.

I licked the end of it, tasting his state of readiness. I let my mouth slowly open wide to slip over the shining glans. His hands tried to pull my head forward but without letting his cock out of my mouth I said “Uh, oh”, and he relaxed a bit. I took a couple more inches into my mouth, I could feel it twitching. I wanted to make him come, I wanted to taste him in my mouth. I tried my hardest to relax my mouth and throat and eventually I was able to feel his balls against my chin. I began to slide him back and forth, making sure my tongue lashed his glans each time it almost escaped my lips. I could tell he was enjoying himself as his breathing was getting deeper and faster. I reached for and grasped his hands, so I could control the rhythm. Every time he tried to start moving his hips I repeated the “Uh, oh!” message.

“Oh fuck”, he groaned, “I’m going to come, my balls are aching. Fuck, fuck, oh god, yes, yes, yes!” His cock erupted deep in my mouth, a warm stream of his cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed it as fast as I could, there was a lot of it. I barely managed to keep it all in my mouth, just a small dribble escaped my lips. “Jesus, fucking, wept!” Taylor pulled me to my feet, his arms wrapped themselves around my waist and he pulled me tight to him and kissed me hard, he would have tasted himself on me. “You’re fucking amazing.”

“Well I think we should have some champagne to celebrate”, he grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. It was massive and the bath was more like a hot tub. I shrieked with pleasure when I saw it and quickly hopped in, immersing myself in the luxurious foam. Taylor opened the champagne, expertly, and poured us both a glass. He walked over to hand me a glass and I was able to get the best look yet at that magnificent cock. It was still not totally flaccid and hung down his thigh invitingly. I gave it a stroke as he handed me my glass and felt it twitch. Taylor smiled knowingly and clambered into the bath beside me. We chinked glasses. “To you Kathy, to your wonderful body and your amazing tongue.”

“Oh, I think we should be toasting you”, I countered. “You were the one who said I should take risks.”

“In which case, to us, to today, to right now!”

“To us!”, I agreed. I leant across and kissed him and, having taken a good slug of my drink, laid my head on his shoulder. This man was so very good for me, I was going to make the most of it, for however long it lasted.

Whilst the bath was wonderfully soothing and relaxing there was one drawback. With all that foam I couldn’t see his fabulous body or tell what state of arousal he was at so I was delighted when he hopped out of the bath and offered his hand to help me out. He wrapped me in a massive fluffy towel and his hands rubbed me dry. Grabbing another towel he led me back into the bedroom. He laid the towel on the bed and told me to lie face down on it.

He disappeared into the bathroom but appeared shortly with a small towel wrapped around his waist and armed with bottles of what I presumed were massage oils. I was right. He opened and held them under my nose in turn so I could choose - I selected one that had a nice woody, citrus combination.

He started with my shoulders, his big strong hands worked their magic, I could feel the knots being teased away by his magic fingers. My shoulder blades were next and then he got to work on my spine, I could feel the heat from his fingers relaxing my muscles one by one by one. They worked their way across the cheeks of my bottom and down the backs of my thighs, all the way down to my toes, and then back up again.

When they got to my thighs he began to push them apart, my pussy was on full display. His fingers brushed against my lips and I couldn’t not twitch in response. The feeling was sensational, my juices mixed with the massage oil and coated his fingers. Then one finger slipped inside me, then another. Their movement was giving me little tremors and when he pushed them deep inside me I groaned in pleasure.

The feeling continued to build and when he touched my clit I came instantly, a different kind of orgasm, but none the less pleasurable and satisfying. But this was all well and good, what I really wanted was to feel that fat cock inside me once more, for a longer, more sensuous fuck. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long.

Taylor made me roll over on the bed and poured a pool of massage oil into my belly button. He spread it out, carefully covering my breasts, my nipples were already like bullets, down into my pubes, I was glad that I always made sure they were neat and tidy. Down onto my thighs as well, so I was glistening all over. I reached out and pulled his towel off, his cock was getting hard. He used the spare oil to give it a good massage. It was standing proud. I beckoned him to join me on the bed and he knelt between my thighs. He leant forward and we kissed. We kissed for a long time. His tongue entwined with mine, his teeth nipping my lower lip. God how I wanted him.

I hooked my legs around his waist and pulled him close against me, I ground my hips against his, encouraging him to give me what I wanted. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tummy, I shifted up the bed so it was pressing against my pussy. Taylor sensed my desire and I felt the head of his cock begin to part the opening to my pussy, he slowly pushed himself forward, each thrust of his hips and his cock was buried deeper and deeper in me. “Oh my god, you feel so good inside me, your cock is so beautiful.” I was in a state of bliss. The friction of his cock was just right, he was hitting the right spot each time he pushed it fully inside me. I knew I was gong to have multiple orgasms, I just did.

I could feel one building now. Like a tidal wave it rushed over me making me gasp out loud. Taylor pulled out of me “No!” I cried, not yet.”

“Relax, Kathy, there’s plenty more gas in the tank”. He knelt up and grasped my ankles and lifted my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. Then I felt him slide inside me again. Ooh, that was a different angle, he was hitting a different spot now.

“Jesus that feels deep”, I was panting as he set a more rapid rhythm. “I can feel your balls slapping against me too.” It felt really different, but I knew it wouldn’t make me come, so I told him, “I want to sit on that big fat cock!”

“Ok”, he slid out of me and rolled onto his back, “what the lady wants, the lady gets!”. His cock was truly rampant, glistening with the mixture of massage oil and our juices. I knelt across his hips, facing him and with his cock wedged between us. My pussy was so slippery I was able to slide back and forth, his cock disappearing between my legs before emerging, purple head first. Taylor lay back with his hands behind his head. “You’re in charge”, he said, “it’s up to you now.”

I slid further forward raised myself up just a bit and let his cock flip up. I put my hand between my legs and placed it just right. Then I slowly sat back, engulfing that glorious rod until it was fully in me. I shuddered, I’d never felt anything quite so good. I raised and lowered my hips letting his cock slide in and out of me, slowly at first then faster and faster. Taylor was clearly concentrating on not coming too soon, the expression on his face was a dead giveaway. I was very glad, I wanted this to go on and on, but at the same time I also wanted him to explode inside me and make me come with him.

I altered my position slightly, so now I was grinding my pussy against him. This changed things, Taylor’s hands grabbed hold of my hips and he started to pull me against him really hard. This made his cock drive even deeper inside me, making me gasp it was so wonderful. We got into a rhythm which allowed us both to keep from climaxing, it was incredible, the feeling of being on the edge but not falling over was sensational. The effort was intense and we were both sweating, I could see the beads appearing on his chest and feel my own running down my cleavage.

Our breathing was in sync, perfectly. Our groans and moans increasing in length and strength. “I can’t hold on much longer”, I managed to gasp.

“Me too, anytime you want, just go for it, let it happen. I’m with you all the way.”

I felt his cock growing even harder and thicker, my pussy clamped onto it hard and I felt my climax start to build. A purely animal, gutteral, sound came from my throat as it built and built and finally exploded inside me. I felt Taylor’s climax explode at the same time. He was moaning and his body was thrusting hard into me. I was totally gone, my body had lost all control as my climax raged around it like an electric shock. I felt like a rag doll, my limbs seemed to have no strength in them anymore. I collapsed onto Taylor’s heaving chest.

We were both gasping for breath. “The best, ever”, he said when he was able to form a complete sentence, “I have never experienced sex as wonderful as that. It was totally mind-blowing. I’m fucked, absolutely fucked!”

“Me too”, I gasped, “how the hell did that happen?”

“You took a risk, baby. You took a risk.” Taylor cradled my head in his hands. “I know this isn’t the right time but I’d love to know, where do we go from here?”

Where indeed? What was I going to do now? Now I’d experienced what sex could be like, with a gorgeous hunk or a man, ok a dangerous “criminal” but one who had released something inside of me. Going back to my previous life was not something that appealed to me right now. I’d opened Pandora’s Box hadn’t I? “Well, I think we should talk about it. After a drink and some food, I’m famished!”

It’s now 3 years later…

It’s Marc’s weekend to have the kids and I’ve popped back from the office and made them pack their own bags, well they’re teenagers they know what they want! They’ve adjusted to the new normal really well. It helps that they both adore Taylor, bless him he worked really hard on building a good relationship with them. Never once has he dissed Marc or tried to replace him.

When I told them I was leaving Marc they weren’t surprised, they’d been talking about what a wall flower I was in comparison to their friends mums so now, because I’m with a hunky ex-con, I’m cool! I think they’ve also helped their dad, they’ve made him realise that he was a bit boring too, they’ve taken him to gigs, sports matches and even on an outward bound weekend.

Taylor’s off checking on one of our properties, there’s some maintenance needed and he’s making sure it gets done properly, after all we have a reputation to maintain in this leasing business of ours!




I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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Andy Word

Andy Word

I'm Andy and I have started writing erotic escapes for frustrated souls. I have to say I'm enjoying my "work"!

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